Thursday, July 16, 2015

What Does It Really Cost To Retire?

How much exactly do you need to retire on? You need to establish a realistic number that you can comfortably live on - without a job. 

You probably have run into a few retirement books over the years. One of the more interesting of them was one entitled The Number

That really puts a fine point on things, doesn’t it? How much do you need to

retire, exactly?
What’s your “number” for retirement? Often, we assume a large round figure and let it go at that. Like $1 million.

But it’s more than a little unrealistic to pick a number from the air without knowing two important things: How do we get there, and do we even need that much money anyway? Last things first. 

You should not target a number you need to retire but instead get a real sense of how much cash you need to live well and care for yourself. That’s what retirement is, after all — not having a job anymore.

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