Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Use Pinterest To Market Your Business

Pinterest is a growing tool for marketing your business. But just how can we do it? 

It’s official, Pinterest is becoming the latest craze in social media – the chic new visually stimulating social sharing site is quickly joining the likes of Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon.

What is Pinterest and How do I use it to Market my Business

And just like other social media platforms, there is a big rush of users joining the site to see what the fuss is all about.

If history holds true, eventually the active user base will slowly decrease until it consists of just those who are active in the community. So approach Pinterest with caution at this point. You should definitely begin leveraging its potential, but without making it the center of your marketing campaign. And just like all of the other social media services, if you’re not going to be an active and engaged user, you will not recognize the benefit of Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is the newest member of today’s most popular social media websites, but instead of using written content as substance, it uses images and video. It allows users to “pin” images and video to a virtual bulletin board they create. They can be photos they took and uploaded, images found on other websites, videos they find online or videos they have created themselves.

A user then shares that pin with their friends, who can then like or repin it to their boards. The primary purpose is to share your interests with friends through images and video.

Right now, Pinterest is available by invitation only, although as it gains popularity they seem to be opening the invite list more and more. Eventually they will be opening the service up to the general public.

How can I use Pinterest for my Business?...

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