Monday, May 18, 2015

Facebook vs. YouTube: Who’s winning the video marketing battle?

Who’s winning the video marketing battle?

Over the past few months, the Internet has been abuzz with chatter about Facebook overtaking YouTube as the go-to destination for video on the web. Facebook surpassed YouTube in total number of video views on desktop in the U.S. last August. 

It has also been ramping up its video functionality, with the recent launch of a new-and-improvedVideos Tab, including Playlists, and a Featured Video module for pages, as well as the ability to embed Facebook videos across the web. 

But what does this mean for marketers?

Should you ditch YouTube for Facebook when it comes to your video marketing plan? Facebook may be on the rise, but there are still plenty of benefits to sharing videos on YouTube as well. It may just be time for a strategy readjustment…
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